Legal and Judicial Translation

We offer translation services from English into Turkish and from Turkish into English in the legal and judicial fields.

All of our linguists translating and reviewing legal texts are certified translators with at least 10 years of experience in legal translation. For English to Turkish translation of legal documents, The FinalReview phase of the legal translation is undertaken by practicing attorneys currently registered with the Izmir Bar Association in Turkey. Likewise, the FinalReview phase of our Turkish to English legal translation projects is conducted by native English translators with a degree in law. Thus, we leave no room for inaccurate translation or poor use of the legal terminology. Please do not hesitate to visit our Free Quote page if you would like to receive a price estimate for your English Turkish or Turkish English law translation projects. ==>Request a Free Price Quote

Below is a list of the types of legal documents we offer flawless translation for:
• Articles of incorporation, business formation documents, bylaws
• Certificates of incorporation, and business establishment
• Affiliate contracts, partnership contracts, vendor contracts, franchise agreements, dissolution of partnership
• Statements of financial affairs, settlement of bankruptcy, memorandum of sale
• Tenancy agreements, residential lease agreements, office lease agreements, sub-lease agreements
• Equipment lease, vehicle lease, maintenance agreements
• Loans, finance forms, collateral agreements, cosigner agreements
• Court documents, depositions
• Power of Attorney documents
• Regulations
• Laws, acts, statutes, amendments
• Resolutions, executive orders, motions, orders
• Affidavits, jury instructions, judicial opinions, briefs
• Business contracts, financial contracts
• Expert opinions
• Settlement release agreements, release agreements
• Non-disclosure agreements, non-competition (non-compete) agreements
• Guarantee agreements
• Waivers, waivers of liability, liability letters
• Quit-claim deeds, warranty deeds
• Grant deed, deeds by trustees, deeds of trust
• Bills of sale
• Insurance contracts, insurance claims, homeowners’ insurance documents
• Employment contracts
• Rules of conduct, code of conduct
• Financial statements, bank statements, balance sheets
• Contractor’s agreement, subcontractor’s agreement, carrier agreement
• Terms of use, privacy policies
• Copyright statements, intellectual property statements, license agreements, trademark agreements
• Patent applications
• Tender documents, tender applications
• Goods, services, procurement contracts
• Investment contracts
• Real estate documents, mortgage documents, pledge agreements
• Divorce documents, prenuptial agreements, separation agreements
• Custody documents, spousal consent, adoption agreements, joint parenting agreements, relinquishment agreements
• Last will & testaments, living wills, estate planning documents, revocable living trusts, irrevocable living trusts


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