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The translation, review, proofreading, and DTP checks of all of your English into Turkish translation projects are completed by native Turkish professionals diligently working in line with our Quality Assurance Workflow Standards, thus enabling us to guarantee 100% accuracy in all of the projects we deliver. Please visit our Quality Promise page to review our 7-step non-compromising Quality Assurance process.

While the translation phases of our Turkish to English projects are undertaken by our bilingual translators whose mother languages are Turkish, native English speakers conduct the review and proofreading phases. The FinalReview is performed by senior linguists bilingual in English and Turkish to see if any special saying or phrase has been lost during any of the linguistic stages.==>Request a Free Price Quote

Document Translation: We offer translation services for all types of documents from English into Turkish and from Turkish into English. The proofreading, review, and DTP checks of all of your translation projects are completed by professional linguists working to our Quality Assurance Workflow Standards. Therefore, we are able to guarantee 100% accuracy in all of the translation projects we accept.

Social Media and Email / Text (SMS) Message Translation:

We offer translation of social media (Facebook™, Twitter™, etc.) posts and messages through our subscription packages. Our turn-around time for social media translation services ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour, based on the length of the message to be translated.

After you purchase one of the subscription packages below, you might want to follow us at @SimulacraTr on Twitter, here on Facebook, or here on Google+. After your message or tweet is ready for translation, you can send the message to us via a mention, a direct message, or via email by including your message in quotations. We will deliver the translated message to you within 1 hour.

If you would like, you can subscribe to the following social media translation packages:
10 tweets: $30.00
30 tweets: $90.00
100 tweets: $250.00
Twitter Subscription
You can send your payments to via PayPal.
Facebook™, Google+™ and Other Social Media:
250 words: $35.00
500 words: $60.00
750 words: $100.00
Facebook & Social Media Subscription
You can send your payments to via PayPal.
Emails/Text Messages:
250 words: $35.00
500 words: $60.00
750 words: $100.00
Email and Text Message (SMS) Subscription
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We offer high-quality over-the-phone, video interpreting, and web-conference/remote interpreting services by using our state-of-the-art infrastructure and bilingual interpreters. Due to physical restrictions, we are not able to offer our flawless interpretation services in person. If you are able to move your meetings and interviews to the web, we would be able to provide you with the best phone and video interpreting online. Depending on your needs, we can use our own phone/web conference platform or utilize yours. Our telephone/web/video interpreters are available from 8:00 am to 8 pm EST throughout week. ==>Request a Free Price Quote

Below is a list of the phone/web and remote interpreting services we offer:
Medical interpretation
Legal interpretation
Judicial interpretation
Conference interpretation
Business meetings
Consultation interpretation
Online trainings
Remote technical support
Market research interviews
Pharmaceutical research interviews


We help you reach a broader audience by localizing your website and software applications into Turkish. During this process, we employ highly qualified Turkish software engineers and programming language experts to ensure flawless functionality of the localized website and/or the software. All you have to do is submit the html files for your website or the strings for your software. Our professional linguists will take care of the rest by using state-of-the-art localization software and applications. ==>Request a Free Price Quote

Below is a list of the platforms we provide localization services for:
Strings for all types of software
iPhone Apps
Android Apps
Blackberry Apps
Windows Apps

When one of our clients submits a project for voice-over, we put the source text through our regular translation process first. After translation of the text is approved, we have the text read by one of our professional voice-artists located in Turkey. The recording is then completed by our professional technical staff at the cutting-edge recording studio of one the best TV stations in Istanbul, Turkey. Our professional translators translate the source text by keeping the audience in mind. Then, our top voice-over review specialists review the translated text and tailor it to the needs of our client. Afterwards, our voice-over artists record the text at one of the best TV stations in Turkey. The video with the voice-over is submitted to our client after it has been checked for synchronization, time-coding, tone, and terminology use. ==>Request a Free Price Quote

Below is a list of the types of voice-over projects we undertake:
Marketing videos
Adverts/ Advertisements
Training videos
Educational videos
Phone messages

The subtitling projects we accept are subject to highest translation, review, and time-coding standards since our clients would like to receive the best service for their money. Therefore, we employ translators with expertise in the subject area for the translation phase, and then have our experts in their respective fields to review the translation. After the review phase has been completed, our technical staff check the video for time-coding and general typos. We always make sure that our clients get the best subtitling service possible. ==>Request a Free Price Quote

Below is a list of the types of subtitling projects we undertake:
Marketing videos
Educational videos
TV shows/series
Training videos
Promotional videos
Closed captioning
Live / simultaneous captioning/subtitling
Educational videos

We undertake a wide variety of transcription projects both from English to Turkish and from Turkish to English. We can provide only transcription or both transcription and translation services in both language pairs. The transcription phase of our English transcription projects are performed by native English speakers who specialize in transcription of audio and video files in their respective disciplines. After the transcript goes through a stringent review phase, it is edited -if requested by our client- so that it reads more natural. Afterwards, the transcript is translated by our translators with expertise in the respective discipline of the text. Then, the translated text goes through our regular 7-step Error-proof Quality Assurance process. ==>Request a Free Price Quote

Below is a list of the types of English-Turkish and Turkish-English transcription or transcription plus translation projects we have so far delivered to our clients:
Marketing related audios / videos
Newspaper / TV interviews
Medical / pharmaceutical interviews
Academic conferences / presentations
Legal interviews / depositions
Corporate videos / audios
TV / radio shows
Educational audios / videos
TV shows/series
Training audios / videos
Promotional audios / videos