Quality Promise

In order to provide our clients with flawless language services, we employ a unique web-based multistage Quality Assurance Management System. The stages used in our Quality Assurance Management System are outlined below:

ProQuote: This is the initial phase of our professional language services. Your documents are reviewed by one of our senior linguists to determine the approximate amount of time and budget needed for the project to be completed without any flaws. Providing us with as much information as possible during the Quote Request phase would be greatly appreciated. Our senior linguist may get in touch with you to clarify any aspects of the project that require further clarification. If there is project-specific terminology in the documents to be translated, our linguist may asks you submit a project-specific glossary.

ProTranslate: After our client confirms the project, the document is forwarded to one of our professional translators that have expertise in the relevant discipline. If the document consists of sections that belong to different disciplines, our senior linguists split the document into appropriate disciplines and then submit them for translation by translators with expertise in relevant fields.

TR-Review: Once the translator submits the translation for review, the translation and the source document are compared by one of our professional reviewers residing in Turkey to check the accuracy of the language and the terminology used in the translation. Then, the reviewer makes the necessary changes in the translation by adding explanatory notes to the document. After the review job is done, it is submitted for further review.

US-Review: After the Review-TR phase, the document is forwarded to one of our senior linguists residing in the USA to check for possible misunderstandings that might have occurred during the ProTranslate and Review-TR phases due to unfamiliarity with idiomatic phrases/local uses of the English language. Afterwards, our US-Reviewer submits the document for proofreading.

ProProof: This is phase in which the translation that has gone through the previous phases is subjected to proofreading by one of our professional linguists with a degree in Turkish language for typographical mistakes, grammatical errors, and text/numbers that have not been properly localized.

FinalReview: This phase is completed by a bi-lingual linguist to verify that the original source has been translated flawlessly, and that the target document has the same formatting as the source document. The bi-lingual linguist employed in this phase is selected from a few bi-lingual linguists who have flawless command of both English and Turkish languages. After our bilingual linguist completes the FinalReview phase, the document is uploaded for client review.

DTP: After completion of several review stages, the translated text is formatted in order to reflect the mirror image of the original document. We employ Turkish professionals in this phase as well in order to prevent any errors from occurring during the formatting phase.

ClientApproval: After receiving electronic notification that the translation has been completed, the client reviews the document before approval. If the client is satisfied with the final document, he/she approves the translation.