Why Simulacra Translation?

We offer high-quality translation services from English into Turkish, from Turkish into English, and from Ottoman Turkish to English with offices located in Pompano Beach, FL-USA and Izmir, TURKEY. We are the only translation agency in the world that offers only English-Turkish, Turkish-English, Ottoman Turkish-English translation services by utilizing an error-proof quality assurance process. Thanks to our stringent quality assurance system and our network of expert linguists and professionals, we are able to offer Error-Free Translation Guarantee.

Global translation agencies offering translation from English into Turkish use Turkish native freelancers for their projects. However, most of them assign project management and quality assurance tasks to non-Turkish staff. This sometimes causes translated documents to contain crucial errors that cause misunderstanding when read by native Turkish speakers.

All of our team members, including our Desktop Publishing staff, are native Turkish professionals. This helps us minimize the errors that normally occur during the formatting phase of documents, websites, and GUIs of software applications.

Our clients have no doubt as to the quality when they grant us localization, translation, interpretation, or voice-over jobs thanks to our error-proof quality assurance management system. By the way, because of our stringent quality assurance standards, we are unable to accept proofreading/editing/voice-over assignments for files translated by other agencies.

Please feel free to contact us with any language-related questions or requests.







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